Harvest is a French TechForFin of more than 30 years in full development.

Strategic pillars «The spirit of conquest»

Be a desired and joyful company

Attract, welcome and retain talented people
Scale up our agile organisation
Develop our CSR framework
Preserve our unique so special DNA

Become a tech company

Extend 100% of our products in Cloud / SaaS
Transition to full API
Provide excellence in availability and reliability
Turn into a innovation and data driven company

Be customer obsessed

Make our Customers’ Stories Sucessful
Provide an unrivalled user and customer experience
Raise the Harvest Fidroit Academy
Lead the wealth management



Joining Harvest means integrating a growing TechForFin and a team of great talents! Harvest is a company with strong values, commitment, reliability and passion, with a strong customer culture and a most pleasant working atmosphere.

Henri Lejeune, UX/UI Design Manager

Our CSR policy

Harvest strives to make a positive contribution to the social and environmental transitions caused by our work as a software house, so that the growth of our business occurs in a way that respects people and nature.


We are proud and happy to have the recognition of our customers and our employees for the quality of our offer, our customer culture, our ability to innovate and our so special DNA.

Great Place to Work

Truffle 100

1st wealth manager awards Fintech software Pyramides de la Gestion de Patrimoine

Corporate diversity charter

1st software editor award Gestion de Fortune

1st datas award Gestion de Fortune

Patrimonia jury award

Key figures

Harvest Fidroit Quantalys 2022






Gender equality index

57,2 M€



French and Italian locations


Company creation

2022 index of gender equality at work: 76 points out of 100 (*Harvest)
Pay gap indicator: 36 points out of 40
Individual increase rate gap indicator: 5 points out of 20
Promotion rate gap indicator: 15 points out of 15
Percentage of employees who received a raise in the year following their return from maternity leave: 15 points out of 15
Number of employees of the under-represented gender among the 10 highest earners: 5 points out of 10