Our CSR commitment

Harvest, France’s leading provider of solutions for financial advisors and wealth management professionals, develops and maintains software suites for banking networks, insurance companies, asset managers, private banks and financial advisors.

Harvest strives to make a positive contribution to the social and environmental transitions caused by our work as a software company, so that the growth of our business occurs in a way that respects people and nature.

We want to enable every individual and every region to take advantage of the digital world we are helping to create, so that this technological transformation is beneficial for all and is recognized as ethical, environmentally friendly and with a positive impact for employment in our regions.

We draw on strong values – commitment, loyalty and passion – to help make the world more respectful of others and of nature.

Delphine Asseraf, Deputy CEO


Our 6 pillars

We are committed to a strong CSR policy. Through our actions, we want to:

  • Be a company that serves its clients, employees and stakeholders, a vital prerequisite for building a lasting partnership;
  • Protect the planet, because that is everyone’s responsibility, individuals and businesses alike;
  • Work with all stakeholders to build ethical relationships;
  • Be transparent about our rules on compliance, anti-corruption and vigilance; 
  • Guide the entire value chain towards responsible practices;
  • Be happy and be ourselves at work, because those are fundamental rights, and respect others’ differences to achieve more together.

Vision and Governance

Offer identical quality of service to every client, regardless of their assets

Get more and more talented women on board (the Executive Committee is now 38% female)

Involve our teams in Harvest’s growth strategy and make them shareholders in the company

Nearly 10% of the total workforce

Business Ethics

Set up a risk planning committee

Led by a DPO (Data Protection Officer) and a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

Alert, warn and advise staff

about all the rules to follow concerning corruption, confidentiality and professional secrecy

Human Resources

Our HR policy is based around 3 pillars: attracting new talent, retaining our talent, and fostering diversity within our company

Developing external employer brand communication via social media, job boards, and various other media 

Establish partnerships with schools and turn employees into Harvest ambassadors

Keep staff turnover low and continue to be a GREAT PLACE TO WORK

Offer employees fair career development opportunities based on their background and skills


Honor our environmental commitments, develop teleworking and paper-free working

Grow our revenue while offering more and more SaaS options

Apply the recommendations of Planet Tech Care, of which Harvest is already a signature

Value Chain

Keep listening to clients to personalize our service and offer them the best product available

Create the position of CCO (Chief Customer Officer)

Roll out the Agile method more widely and foster initiative and innovation

Taking responsibilities and creating multidisciplinary teams

Improve our products to take account of ESG criteria

Social Outreach

Encourage employees to take part in and sponsor various events (races, fundraising, etc.)

Support employees’ personal commitments

by giving them extra time to pursue their personal social causes

Develop financial advice services for all households

irrespective of their background, to offer the same quality of service to all and reduce inequalities in financial performance