Our CSR commitment

HARVEST, France’s leading provider of solutions for wealth and finance professionals, is dedicated to the development and maintenance of software suites for banking networks, insurance companies, asset management companies, private banks and independent wealth management advisers.

Our aim is to provide positive support for the social and environmental transitions generated by our business as a software publisher. We want the growth of our business to be in harmony with respect for people and nature.

Our ambition is to enable everyone and every region to benefit from the opportunities offered by the digital world we are helping to create. We want this technological transformation to benefit everyone, to be perceived as ethical and protective of the environment, and to have a positive impact on employment in our regions and on employability.


We put them at the service of a world that is more respectful of others and of nature.

Our commitments

Committed to a strong CSR policy, our actions are designed to :

  • be a company that serves its customers, employees and stakeholders, an essential condition for establishing itself as a sustainable partner,
  • Protecting the planet is everyone’s business – individuals and companies alike,
  • working with all our stakeholders to build ethical relationships,
  • be transparent about our rules in terms of compliance, anti-corruption and vigilance,
  • support the entire value chain in adopting responsible practices,
  • support the transformation of the sector,
  • feel « good » and be oneself at work, because these are fundamental rights, and to respect differences so that we can go further together.

The HARVEST Group’s CSR policy is based on 6 pillars:

  • Vision and Governance: the aim of this pillar is to implement a holistic strategy within the Group that takes account of CSR issues and robust governance to ensure the sound management of HARVEST Group companies,
  • Business ethics: the aim of this pillar is to respect the highest ethical standards, avoid any conflict of interest, fight corruption and promote transparency in interactions with stakeholders. It is also about ensuring respect for human rights and fundamental labour principles in all operations of the company and its business partners,
  • Human resources: the aim of this pillar is to develop a healthy, fair and inclusive working environment for all the company’s employees. This includes promoting diversity and equal opportunities, skills and career development, and well-being and safety at work. This pillar also encourages employee consultation and participation in the company’s decision-making processes,
  • Environment: the aim is to help preserve the environment and combat climate change. Reducing the ecological footprint, managing natural resources sustainably, preventing pollution, promoting energy efficiency and adopting environmentally friendly practices are key issues for the HARVEST Group,
  • Value Chain: the aim is to work with suppliers and business partners to ensure that ethical and environmental standards are respected at all stages of the production and distribution of goods and services,
  • Community Relations: the aim of this pillar is to develop a positive contribution to the social and economic development of local communities, support for philanthropic initiatives and active participation in public interest projects. This pillar fosters the creation of solid links with external stakeholders, and reinforces the company’s contribution to the society in which it operates.

Vision and Governance

Harvest’s vision is to make wealth management advice accessible to all, offering an equivalent level of quality service to every client, whatever their wealth situation. To this end, we strive to design digital solutions that are free from bias, and we adopt an educational approach to wealth management in order to reduce inequalities.

At the heart of our approach, we have defined our values and a strong corporate culture, as well as an ambitious strategy entitled ‘Esprit de conquête 2025‘. CSR plays a central role for us, and we have established a rigorous CSR policy and a dedicated team to implement it. A dedicated CSR team encourages greater responsiveness and innovation within the Group.

Risk mapping is defined and updated on an annual basis to ensure effective management of the company’s risks. An appropriate governance framework has been implemented, in line with the Group’s drive to achieve ISO 27001 certification. A Risk Committee oversees the Group’s risk governance, while our Data Protection Officer (DPO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) are actively involved in data protection and IT security on a day-to-day basis.

We are proud of the diversity and inclusion within our Group: 50% of our Executive Committee members are women and 14% of our employees are also shareholders in the company, demonstrating their commitment to our collective success.

The HARVEST Group closely monitors a number of CSR-related key performance indicators (KPIs). These include the percentage of women in middle management, water and renewable energy consumption by site, greenhouse gas emissions, and the number of alerts raised by our whistleblowing platform and incidents relating to corruption or conflict of interest.

Our success stories
50% women on the Executive Committee
14% of employees are shareholders in the company

Business Ethics

Business ethics are based on a set of moral principles that guide a company’s behaviour. This includes the actions of the company itself, its staff, as well as its interactions with the public and other companies in the same sector. Core ethical values include honesty, fairness, responsibility and respect for others.

We recognise the crucial importance of business ethics to our organisation. It helps shape our culture and values, and guides the behaviour of our employees.

E-learning modules on business ethics are offered to employees on our internal platform. The aim is to raise awareness of fundamental ethical principles and reinforce a corporate culture based on integrity and responsibility, while reducing risks and improving stakeholder confidence.

The HARVEST Group complies strictly with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A Data Protection Officer (DPO) oversees compliance with this regulation on a daily basis, and we update it annually to ensure it remains relevant. Employees and management are also made aware of RGPD issues.

Our ethical commitments are clearly set out in our internal rules, covering issues such as insider dealing, conflicts of interest, corruption, confidentiality and professional secrecy. In addition, we have drawn up a code of ethics. Each year, we remind all our employees of the ethical rules to be respected.

Our success stories
no breaches of the internal rules and code of ethics reported in 2023
no incidents of corruption and no alerts raised by the alarm platform

Human Resources

Our HR policy is based on three key pillars: attracting new talent, retaining our staff and promoting diversity within the company. We are committed to avoiding all forms of discrimination within the Group. Specific training is offered to Group employees.

To strengthen our employer brand, we are developing our presence on social networks and establishing partnerships with committed players. We encourage co-option by our employees and ensure their well-being by involving them in the Great Place To Work survey every year.

We are a signatory to the Diversity Charter and ensure that our employees are recruited and developed on the basis of their skills. HARVEST is proud to be included in the Palmarès Fintech 100, organised by Finance Innovation and Truffle Capital, demonstrating our progress in the sector.

Our success stories
In the latest Great Place To Work survey, 67% of employees felt that HARVEST is a good place to work and that everyone’s work is valued,
Harvest has been listed in the Fintech 100, organised by Finance Innovation and Truffle Capital,
Signatory to the diversity charter,
13,443 subscribers to Harvest Group on LinkedIn.


HARVEST is firmly committed to being an eco-responsible company in response to the wishes expressed by its employees. We have taken concrete measures such as :

  • reducing the use of plastic and encouraging composting,
  • encouraging videoconferencing and teleworking,
  • dematerialisation of documents, as well as partnerships with service providers who share our environmental vision,
  • recycling of discarded IT equipment.

Our transition to SaaS offerings has also helped to reduce our environmental impact. We are proud to be a signatory of Planet Tech Care and the French government’s energy efficiency charter. The HARVEST group has also been awarded ‘Bronze’ certification by the Ecovadis certification body.

In addition, our social approach is reflected in actions carried out in collaboration with associations. We continue to implement environmentally-friendly practices and raise awareness among our employees via MOOCs on the ecological transition and responsible digital technology. Guides to good ecological practice are also made available to our teams.

Our efforts are helping to reduce our environmental impact. The introduction of teleworking has reduced the need for commuting. Our migration to a public cloud infrastructure enables us to pool computing and storage resources on both a micro and macro scale, thereby reducing the consumption of IT resources and energy.

These actions demonstrate our sincere commitment to a business model that respects the environment and is socially responsible.

Our success stories
40,000 subscribers to the LinkedIn accounts of Group companies,
Ecovadis « Bronze » certification in 2022,
employees have been made aware of good ecological practices and good practices concerning the different modes of transport,
a hybrid working system has been set up within the group,
two of our key suppliers (Data4 and Orange) have signed up to the European Code of Conduct on Energy Efficiency.

Value Chain

At HARVEST, we attach great importance to offering our customers personalised solutions and the best products to suit their needs. Their expectations and feedback are at the heart of what we do. We work closely with banks, insurers and wealth and finance professionals to tailor our solutions and improve our products based on customer feedback. This collaboration includes regular coordination on products and taking customer feedback into account in product design by dedicating a percentage of developments to improvements suggested by our users.

A CCO (Chief Customer Officer) is dedicated to taking customer expectations into account when designing our products. He or she is responsible for all aspects of customer product design: from taking expectations into account, to co-construction, right through to analysis of the functionalities used.

We have introduced the Agile method across the board to encourage innovation and empower our multi-disciplinary teams.

In addition, we have adopted a purchasing policy to ensure that we consume ethically and sustainably. A responsible purchasing charter is in place to ensure that our partners comply with our CSR requirements.

We listen to our customers and employees, take on board their comments and expectations, and react quickly to meet their needs.

Our success stories
76% of processes managed in agile mode

Community relations

Local involvement is an important value for the HARVEST Group. We actively encourage our employees to take part in various community events.

Internal events to meet the aspirations of our employees, while promoting social inclusion and disseminating our know-how and knowledge. For example, we have encouraged our employees to take part in blood donation initiatives, the Race of Lights, and events to promote diversity within our company (Diversity Race).

In June 2023, we organised « Blood Donor Month », offering our employees the opportunity to spend 2 hours of their working time travelling to a blood collection point near each site.

The time given to employees for their personal commitments enables them to become actively involved in causes that are close to their hearts, strengthening their sense of belonging to the company and their motivation at work.

Overall, these actions demonstrate HARVEST’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, diversity, inclusion and support for social and societal causes. These initiatives have a positive impact on employees and local communities and reinforce the company’s image as a socially committed player.

Our success stories
organisation of a blood donation event for the Paris, Clermont-Ferrand and Sophia-Antipolis sites,
employee participation in the Course des Lumières, the Course de la Diversité and the Courstache.