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A single tool containing all wealth management topics to support your clients at every stage of their lives
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Our solution

Support your clients by conducting comprehensive or thematic wealth management studies

Tax, social security, inheritance, executive products, etc.

Leverage an automatically updated tool to handle all scenarios comprehensively and safely

Quickly and easily simulate the impact of your recommendations to highlight your added value

Reflect your advice with high-quality personalized reports

Improving this process will enable our team of Pensions experts to concentrate on our core business – expertise and checking rights accrued – as well as responding to our customers’ concerns on a complex and anxiety-inducing subject. The new features of the Harvest software guarantee synchronization with the changing data from the pension funds.

Lionel Bonnet, Head of Pensions Expert Group, Mondial Assistance

The advantages of Big

High value-added personalized advice for all your clients

Big adapts to your uses, whether simple or comprehensive

Easy and quick to get started

Regular and automatic updates: Big is now SaaS on the internet

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