The wealth management and collaborative portal that brings you closer to your clients

A secure client solution that enables them to access their assets at any time
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Our solution

Give your clients a 360° view of their assets

Enable your clients to share all of their assets with you to achieve optimal comprehensive advice

Incorporate the data collected to save time on updating your KYC and optimize your sales approach

Communicate with your clients efficiently

MoneyPitch allows you to be more proactive with clients, which is essential to our business. One example is that clients very often have accounts in different banks and ask us to analyze their contracts. We do the analysis, we give some advice and when you see them again four months later, you don't know whether they've put our advice into practice or whether they haven't kept us up to date. We don't know how their contract has changed. With MoneyPitch, we can monitor in real time and be proactive in getting back to the client.

Vincent Mallet from Financiale Gestion Privée

The benefits of MoneyPitch

Leverage a powerful tool driving commercial success

Gain a lead on your competitors

Offer your clients a unique wealth management experience by involving them in managing their assets

Enhance your client relationship with automated push and notifications sent to the client

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