Comprehensive data on a wide variety of financial products

Take advantage of Golden Source data directly linked to producers and integrated into your web solution

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Access comprehensive data on a wide variety of 250,000 financial products from over 1,600 European asset management companies with a particular focus on France, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Belgium

Consult proprietary data as well as its specific databases which are unique on the market: SCPI and Life Insurance databases, Back office data and calendars, ESG and SFDR classification, etc.

Access financial, regulatory (KIIDS, PRIIPS, EMT, EET, fees, target markets, SRRI...) and extra-financial data, rankings and ratings (ESG classification, SFDR, labels) for all types of assets (funds, SCPI, structured products, life insurance contracts, etc.)

Have summary sheets enriched with a wide range of financial information

Receive data via an API


Consider ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) or thematic criteria to screen and evaluate funds, for compliance, research and fund selection

Take note of the ESG intensity, the extra-financial approach and the themes covered by the funds. Benefit from SFDR information (EET files, articles 6,8,9, taxonomy and PAI)

Access information at source from label-issuing bodies

Get a 360° view of the ESG potential of funds

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OST Expert / backoffice

Thanks to the Back Office Terminal, intended for securities services, middle and back offices in particular, provide access to all data related to the placing of orders and the management of client transactions: cut-off, decimalisation, target markets, minimum subscription, management fees, current fees, etc.

Identify all units referenced for a given fund and its referencing in life insurance contract

Access high value-added information such as the management of valuation schedules and the announcement of OST

Perform comprehensive searches and export NAVs and numerous calculated data

Receive the OST letter on products in the repositories and integrate it into your web solution


Security is at heart of our approach as a a software provider
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With the aggregation service, get a reliable consolidation of your financial assets through the unified restitution in a structured data exchange format, the standard of the PENELOP association of which Harvest is a member, guaranteeing the completeness and quality of your flows

More than 150 aggregation sources are available to you

Retrieve your unified data, enrich your portfolios with the latest updated repositories, to use them in your information systems

Import the latest valuation of your portfolios from your suppliers on a daily basis, and consolidate the situations and movements of all your contracts

Categorise contract products and process complex financial products (Internal Dedicated Funds, equity derivatives, structured products, etc.)

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