Digital distribution platform

The solution to simplify your account subscription and product/contract management procedure and shorten processing times between the front and back office

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Pension, provident and savings client pathways

With the help of powerful simulators, support your omnichannel digital strategy by recommending turnkey or customised products

Easily script the customer's path through the sales process: support for the interview, preparation for the meeting, discovery of the customer, analysis, product recommendation

Formalise the study: advice, simulate, price, draw up a diagnosis, recommend a product, and publish the project

Have a sales support solution: electronic signature, online subscription, and interoperability with people/contract repositories

Integrate the course with your IS thanks to interoperable solutions via JSON flows and APIs

With the aggregation service, get a reliable consolidation of your financial assets: unify your data, enrich your portfolios with the latest repositories, and exploit them in your information systems

Subscription for life insurance, real estate investment trust (SCPI) and private equity

Carry out and control current subscription and management operations on numerous financial products, make investment proposals in line with your duty to advise directly from your solution

Monitor the progress of your files in real time and react quickly to additional requests from your partners' back offices

Take advantage of fast solutions to dematerialise your administrative acts by being directly connected to your partners' sites

Customise the settings and dashboards and take into account the specificities of distributors thanks to the modularity of our courses

Digital distribution platform screenshot
Digital distribution platform screenshot

Sales and credit instruction

Your 100% omnichannel front to middle office loan sales and processing solution: real estate, consumer, asset and business loans

Industrialise your sales processes from the discovery of the customer to the processing of the loan application

Benefit from a powerful tool for optimising the financing plan

Enable the client to be an active participant in the decision making process of their loan application

Offer a legal framework covering all the themes and specificities of credit

Product and pathway administration console

Take advantage of a platform for setting the parameters of your products or contracts and related documents in order to manage and set the parameters of the customer paths according to the upstream data

Fill in the characteristics of each product or contract and in particular the documents expected by the insurance companies, real estate investment trust (SCPI) and private equity companies

Get the mandatory data to be filled in and the controls to be carried out along the way

Manage users and their access rights, products, customer journeys and interfaces, as well as past and future versioning

Contextualise the rules according to numerous criteria: contract, age of the parties involved, family, tax, legal and asset situation, investor profile (level of knowledge, experience, risk appetite, sustainability preferences), amount of the investment, etc.


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Digital distribution platform screenshot
Digital distribution platform screenshot

Creation and monitoring of customized structured products

Build, launch, subscribe and monitor structured products on a multi-service digital platform dedicated to professionals, with educational resources

Real-time monitoring and detailed reporting of client/prospect investments

Integrate the referencing criteria of insurers and platforms

Carry out historical and impartial best selection (+20 partner issuers)

Confirm the transaction by electronic signature (Financial Markets Authority/Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority approved partner)

Structured product referencing and management tool

Use a scalable tool for insurers and private banks, via a workflow to help you create these products in life insurance contracts, and have guidance through alerts, as well as a history of exchanges and actions by each user.

Simplify referencing, automatic generation of endorsements, management of remuneration, reporting and monitoring of structured products

Make the most of an intuitive and interactive management dashboard, KPI calculation, activity profitability statistics and optimised and personalised sales management

Digital distribution platform screenshot