Business Link

The business solution that simplifies your partners' transactions and reduces your back-office costs

Insurers, bankers, platforms, fund managers, third-party distributors of various investment and mutual funds
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Our solution

Transfer your management actions to the digital arena by allowing your business finders to initiate these transactional actions from O2S

Provide your information system with comprehensive and up-to-date data

Optimize and safeguard the management of your back office

Directly link O2S to your information pages about products, contracts, etc.

With Business Link we can carry out 90% of our day-to-day tasks - management, subscriptions, funds switching and buying.

This completely digitalized process saves us a lot of time. A large part of the general information needed is taken from O2S, which, by consequence, also reduces input errors. The navigation is simplified with the single O2S interface, and the handling is intuitive.

In short Business Link offers a fully digitalised, simplified and secure workflow for day-to-day management acts.

Yvan Toupet, Wealth Management Expert, Manager of Arborescence Patrimoine, Partner of InComon

The benefits of Business Link

Avoid re-entry errors (and also save time!)

Accelerate the sales process thanks to an open architecture that protects flows and enriches data quality

Provide simplified and secure access to your extranet for your distributors, giving them access to useful information in one click

Share your news by circulating it directly in the advisor's work tool thanks to Newslink

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