Customer relationship management

Your everyday tool to manage your business with a powerful asset CRM

Manage your establishment and compliance, improve your knowledge of your clients and your proximity to them and aggregate their portfolios

Customer relationship management screenshot

Customer Portfolio Management

Enter into relationships simply and easily

Put customer and prospect knowledge at the heart of your operations

Respect regulations and compliance with a level of excellence throughout the regulatory process (engagement letter, LCBFT control, DDA or MiFID2 process, obligations of the CIF status)

Identify the investor profile and measure the preferences of your clients (financial knowledge and experience, risk appetite, sensitivity to loss, ESG preferences)

Aggregate your clients' account statements and perform all management actions on a single tool integrating electronic signature

Analyse your portfolios to advise your clients (performance, diversification, style analysis)

Conduct sales campaigns by selecting your clients via relevant asset queries

A client portal to optimise knowledge and communication with your clients

Dematerialise and optimise the entry into the relationship

Provide your clients with a 360° view of their assets

Allow your clients to share their assets with you for optimal global advice

Capitalise on the data collected to save time updating your KYC and optimise your commercial approach

Communicate effectively and safely with your clients and strengthen your relationship

Customer relationship management screenshot
Customer relationship management screenshot

Customisation of the solution for your establishment

Customise your digital or printed editions with your company name and colour

Create your own sales operations and associated workflows

Develop your commercial proactivity thanks to automatic alerts and notifications, and automate your marketing activities

Benefit from a large network of aggregated partners and the digitisation of associated management actions

Customise your regulatory requirements with your own process


Security is at heart of our approach as a a software provider
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