Quantalys evolves Generali Luxembourg’s MyWings digital platform

Generali Luxembourg’s MyWings digital platform evolves to allow online subscription of capitalisation contracts for legal entities

Generali Luxembourg’s 100% digital MyWings platform, which is equipped with functions to facilitate the procedures of brokers, has just been enhanced with a module enabling the online subscription of capitalisation policies for legal entities.

This new development completes the implementation of a fully digitised solution for all the actions and needs of independent and institutional partners and their customers, in a tripartite approach based on specific processes for both advised and autonomous management.

Fabrice Walek, Deputy CEO of Generali Luxembourg, comments: « This new MyWings functionality enables advisers to subscribe, on behalf of their clients, to capitalisation contracts for legal entities offered by Generali Luxembourg through the investment funds distributed by our Company ».

In the same way, the platform makes it possible to subscribe online to life insurance policies, to make additional payments, or to carry out arbitrages within the policies. It also enables advisers to monitor their activity via a comprehensive dashboard. All documents and supporting evidence are generated and uploaded to the workflow before being electronically signed by the customer and fed into Generali Luxembourg’s management systems.

Lastly, the platform enables end customers and their advisers to monitor their portfolios accurately, thanks to a daily update of financial data on external funds and movements. This monitoring covers the composition, performance, capital gains, risk indicators and regulatory and financial information for each underlying asset. The platform is natively multilingual and is available in French, Italian and Dutch.

Quantalys Harvest Group: real expertise at the service of distribution

For over 20 years, Quantalys Harvest Group has been analysing all the funds and investment products offered as underlying assets in life insurance policies using objective and independent quantitative processes. It provides advisers with tools to assess the quality of their clients’ investments, and how they match their objectives and convictions.

« The MyWings project for a digital platform for the distribution of financial products, conducted in close collaboration with the teams at Generali Luxembourg, marks the continued deployment of our strategy to support professionals in the digitalisation of the distribution of financial products, both in France and in Luxembourg. The trust placed in us by a major player like Generali Luxembourg testifies to the relevance of our wealth platform solution and is recognition of our expertise, » says Stéphane Paturel, Head of sales Luxembourg & Strategic Market Manager France.

About Generali Luxembourg

Generali Luxembourg is an insurance company dedicated to wealthy customers with high investment potential (HNWI / UHNWI). The company distributes its life and capitalisation products through a network of private banks, family offices and CGPs, mainly in Europe under the freedom to provide services (LPS).

Generali Luxembourg is part of the Generali Group, one of the largest international insurance and asset management groups. Founded in 1831, it is present in 50 countries and had a turnover of 81.5 billion euros in 2022. With more than 82,000 employees serving 69 million customers worldwide, the Group holds a leading position in Europe and a growing position in Asia and Latin America. Generali’s ambition is to be the partner of its customers throughout their lives, offering innovative and personalised solutions and drawing on an unrivalled distribution network, a first-class customer experience and its global digital distribution capabilities. The Group has fully integrated sustainability into all its strategic choices, with the aim of creating value for all stakeholders while building a fairer and more resilient society.

About Harvest Group

HARVEST is France’s leading FinTech company for software dedicated to the wealth and finance professions, and has been supporting professionals with solutions covering the entire wealth and financial value chain for over 30 years. The group designs digital solutions and makes available the information that is essential for making informed decisions about wealth and finance. Its solutions cover all the needs of professionals: wealth management tools, customer relationship management, digitisation of investment strategies, wealth platform and data solutions. As a data specialist, it enables the automated construction of customised, efficient portfolios. With more than 4,600 client companies, the group offers a range of software and services that are highly sought-after by professionals wishing to develop high value-added advisory services.

Business expertise and technological mastery are exercised by its 500 passionate and committed talents, who are proud of their Great Place To Work label. The group has recruited more than 100 employees in France by 2022 to support its growth and its ambition to become the European champion of WealthTech.


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