WealthTech100: the Group retains its place in 2024

The harvest of distinctions continues for Harvest groupe! Following the award received on 21 March as part of the Wealth Briefing European Awards, the group retains the place acquired in 2023 in the WealthTech100.

Thanks to the work and solutions developed by its 500 talents, and the trust of our clients, Harvest is still among the 100 most innovative companies in the world in the wealth management and finance sector!

What is the WealthTech100?

FinTech Global, a research platform specialising in everything related to FinTech, has launched the 5th edition of the WealthTech100 for 2023. This is a ranking of the world’s most innovative technology solution providers that support wealth and finance professionals in their digital transformation.
WealthTech100 aims to highlight the industry’s leading technology innovators and the business models that will have a lasting impact.
Finalists have been selected on the basis of their innovative use of technology to solve a key industry problem and drive efficiencies across the investment value chain.

Richard Sachar, Director of Global FinTech, said, « At a time when even the giants are not immune, it is vital that banks, wealth and finance professionals have the best technology at their disposal. What’s more, customers are demanding better, more streamlined services and are more than happy to work with a provider that offers them that. This WealthTech100 list will provide the leaders of financial and wealth institutions with detailed information on the most innovative companies in the field of WealthTech« .

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